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праздновать K.F "с открытия после китайского Нового года

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праздновать K.F "с открытия после китайского Нового года

Время выпуска:2013-02-18
We K.F. took a short holiday for Chinese New Year,and today all staff are resuming working,not only office but also production line workers.

In the morning, we held a small meeting and party to welcome our guys back.Everyone showed their confidence on this year,and they said they would devote themselves to products manufacturing,do efforts to produce the best PCB boards,make every customer  of ours be satisfied with our services.In the meanwhile,the employees express their hope that K.F. will Break through performance of last year and create a new accomplishment this year.

To celebrate our opening,the manager gave a small but warm gift to every body. Besides, the Top management lighted firecracker to wish a great  thriving business this year. 

Everyone keeps sincere and warm smile on his face,and they took full of passion into work.All of us believe the comapny will grow solid step by step,keep the faith of climb up the highest point and wish K.F. will progress day by day,to be able to fly higher than ever.
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